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AIRCO Acquires Distribution Rights for Cobra in Australia

Following the official announcement in Montréal on Thursday 14th July, AIRCO Brands is now the exclusive distributor of manufactured, engineered, and branded Cobra products in Australia.

Airco recently acquired the business and assets of the OTTER Group, who previously held the distribution rights for Cobra in Australia. The appointment of Airco as the new distributor was the result of continual discussion and planning to ensure that the business goals of both Airco and Cobra were in alignment.

For more information, contact us on 1300 365 800 or send an email to



One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked in our travels around the country talking to people about Fastening Tools is: “So what is that gun actually used for?"

Whether we are talking about a Framing Nailer, Coil Nailer, Fusion® Tool or Screw gun, it’s amazing that there really isn’t a lot of education as to which gun and fastener you should be using for a particular application.

That’s where our Airco/Senco SWAT team comes in!

Firstly, a SWAT Day is an event where YOUR store is the main attraction. The Airco/Senco SWAT team gives you the opportunity to ask those questions you have wanted to ask but couldn’t find the right person or right advice.

We also give you the opportunity to try a tool before you buy it.

How many times have you made a purchase and found out it really isn’t what you wanted?

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive? So why would you make a major purchase that helps you make money in your job, without trying it first and understanding everything that tool can do for you?

Secondly, when you come to an Airco/Senco Swat Event you know that you will be getting the best possible deal on the day. And who doesn’t want that!

Just to sweeten the deal, our Airco/Senco SWAT team will also trade in any old Fastening Tool you might have lying around, working or not, and give you the chance to increase your buying power even more. Why fix it when you can spend a bit more and get a brand new tool! (FYI, conditions do apply.)

So do yourself a favor and get yourself to the next Airco/Senco SWAT event in your area for a great deal, great advice, and most importantly a chance to try before you buy.


The ORIGINAL Orange Tank Trade Compressor Range

Introducing the new additions to our family of portable compressors!

COLT 265 Twin Tank (Carry)
Designed with portability in mind, this new Twin Tank compressor is small and compact and great for jobs where portability is a consideration.

Take a closer look!

COLT 285 Twin Tank

Heavy duty and robust, the COLT 285 features Twin Tanks, heavy-duty pneumatic tyres and a robust frame that incorporates a collapsible handle making it ideal for transport under a standard ute cover. 

Take a closer look!